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Women's minimalist wallets and bags

Cool and clean leather wallets (and you'll still have money to fill them)

Words— Frank And Oak staff

When it comes to bags and wallets, you can go big and loud (think big GG logos or all-over print LVs) with big price tags to match, or it's the cheap stuff that's on-trend but of poor quality and might last you a season. 


But the truth is, even the most luxurious or inexpensive wallet is only as good as what's inside–that is, is it functional? Is there room for your cards? What about your hoards of receipts you don't need but hang onto for some reason? The satchel–can you access your wallet fast enough when you're in line for coffee or looking for your metro card? These are the things we think about when designing our accessories.


That's these satchels and wallets. It's a "less is more" philosophy that's exemplified by smooth, finely-pebbled textures, restrained accoutrements and an affordable pricetag. 



Cool and clean: Minimalist bags




The Citta Leather Zip Wallet in Black



The Piazza Crossbody Satchel in Black



The Villa Mini Leather Zip Wallet in Black


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