The ultimate winter parka for Canadian winters
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The Nova extreme winter jacket

The ultimate winter parka for Canadian winters

Words— Mylène Genty

Winter is coming. An alarming statement for some, a cheerful realization for others. After a couple of years in Canada, one realizes that your appreciation for winter has everything to do with how well you’re equipped for snowy days. You’ll undoubtedly find these three months of cold to be excruciating if you have an ill-fitted jacket that lets wind pass through or that soaks up water. 


Canadian winters might be tough, but so are its people. As such, we’ve designed garments to deal with this winter of ours appropriately. Forget those trendy coats that only last a season. It's time to invest in high-quality jackets that protect you from the harsh weather whilst being sustainable. Enter: the new Nova Parka, designed in a way that has you covered (literally). 





No need to sacrifice your environmental values for quality winter gear anymore. This new parka is padded with animal-free insulation and is made of recycled polyester fibres, making the process a closed-loop recycling system. The exterior is made of Ripstop—a woven fabric made with a special reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to wear and tear. With merino wool cuffs and a ribbed collar as well as an integrated snow skirt and a Durable Water Repellent system, every detail has been constructed to trap your body heat and keep you comfortable.


Here’s how this jacket will become your best winter ally. 








A period where you’ll probably be giving lots of gifts and will be busy heading from one party to the next. It may seem trivial, but you must be well equipped to do so: December is exhausting. The Nova jacket can surely help you through the first storms, as well as your many outings. The animal-free PrimaLoft® insulation we've developed uses plumes made from polyester fibres that mimic the warmth of natural down, thus giving a garment free of animal-derived materials. This synthetic insulation, therefore, retains all the qualities of down, even when wet. The coat’s shell is also made out of high-performance DuPont™ Sorona® fibres, which are made in part from renewable plant-based ingredients.  These are facts that’ll surely help you become the reference on eco-responsible fashion at your family Christmas dinner. 







Whether you’re into New Year’s resolutions or not, January does signify a fresh start. Want to dive more into a new winter sport? January's the time to do it, you simply have to be well equipped. The Nova Parka has your back: we constructed it for the Northern climate, with a robust Ripstop waterproof shell to protect you against snowy conditions. It's warm too—designed to resist temperatures below 30°C.  With this heavy-duty parka in hand, you won’t see winter as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity to explore new territories.  







A short month which can sometimes feel like the longest, February is a crucial moment to get out of the house, as the weather tends to weigh on morale. While winter is traditionally a time to reflect and meditate, staying active is primordial. As such, your Nova Parka is a vital tool to accompany you in your outdoor activities. From a ski session to a snowboard lesson to an evening at Igloofest, the seam-sealed feature of this parka will bring some serious heat to your winter fits. This feature uses extreme heat to seal the seams, which keeps water and moisture from getting in. The result is a jacket whose seams are both waterproof and windproof. 


With a jacket of this calibre, you’ll be ready for whatever challenge winter throws at you. 





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