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Style upgrade: Plush towel tops

When it comes to summer shirts, throw in some towel

Words— Frank And Oak staff

If you haven't noticed, it's hot outside! Regular cotton tees aren't cutting it these days. We have to be inventive! Seersucker is a refreshing alternative, but you might want to reach for these lush basics as well. 


These loose, breezy new tops are made from one of this season's most exciting materials. Woven from a find cotton-poly blend, they have a plush, almost towel-esque touch that exude a casual vibe that will keep you cool in this dead-of-summer-heat.




Not just for towels anymore!




Plush Crewneck T-Shirt in GreenPlush Zip Polo in Black 


Plush Striped T-Shirt in White/NavyPlush Crewneck T-Shirt in Grey


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