SeaCell™: Ocean’s greatest harvest riding the wave of eco-fashion
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Smart fibres made from renewable seaweed

SeaCell™: Ocean’s greatest harvest riding the wave of eco-fashion

Words— Yang Shi

From organic cotton to Tencel Lyocell, we have introduced a variety of eco-friendly fibres to bring you quality clothes that have a minimal impact on the environment. In the desire of finding new alternatives to save our dwindling resources, we decided to dive a bit deeper into the future of textiles— you will be surprised to learn one of the most sustainable base materials does not actually come from the ground or animals— it is found in the ocean! Made from organic seaweed, SeaCell™ is an eco-friendly fabric with multiple health benefits and its production method is non-disruptive to the ecosystem. 





How it is made


SeaCell™ is a portmanteau coined from a combination of the words cellulose and seaweed—both essential components in the development of the fibre. Similar to Tencel, SeaCell™ is produced through a Lyocell process, an energy-efficient and responsible technology. Through a solvent-spinning procedure, the natural cellulose—extracted from wood pulp—serves as a host for seaweed and locks its beneficial properties into the resulting fabric.  





What makes it sustainable?


Widely grown in Icelandic fjords, Ascophyllum nodosum—also known as rockweed or knotted kelp—is the principal active component of SeaCell™. The seaweed is harvested once every four years. To avoid any permanent damage, only the regenerative part of the plant is removed. As a bonus, cutting the upper part also spurs the plant to sprout more. 





Why is it good for you?


As a fabric, SeaCell™ is breathable, durable, moisture-wicking and provides a supple hand feel making it an ideal material for sweaters. It also has many skin-care and health properties and retains all the active ingredients from seaweed, such as amino acids, iodine and minerals. The substances found in seaweed help to activate cell regeneration, which in turn relieves skin diseases, reduces inflammation and soothes itchiness. Thanks to the natural moisture produced by the body, our skin is able to absorb all these incredible nutrients!

Our purpose

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