Here's what to put in her stocking this season
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Stocking stuffers for her

Here's what to put in her stocking this season

Words— Frank And Oak staff

The gifts people remember most aren’t always the over-the-top ones that you had to spend three paychecks on. Sometimes it’s the smaller ones, the thoughtful ones, the ones that let the person you’re giving to know that you’ve been paying attention. We've scoured the internet (and our own site) to find the best stocking stuffers for her stocking. 




Aesop Reverence Hand Balm 



With Aesop, skincare goes hand in hand with aesthetics. Chances are you’ve seen this sleek tube hanging out on a teak coffee table next to a cortado and the latest issue of Apartamento Magazine in someone’s Instagram feed. Though the Resurrection hand balm is featured more prominently, Reverence is best suited for the colder months. It is as tough on dry skin as the winter is on, well, soft skin. Seeing as the coming season isn’t going to be kind in that regard, give a gift that says “I care about your wellbeing as well as your flat lays”.





Frank And Oak Gym Fleece Sweatshirt



A fleece may be a bit big for a stocking, but as with any worthwhile piece of clothing, if you roll it up tight enough, you can make it fit. The Gym Fleece is made from 80% organic cotton as well, so you know when it comes to making ethical choices, this one is sound. Much like the blissful naps pillowy fibres such as these will induce.





Anker Powercore II 20000 Power Bank 



There are certain things you know you need, but you just can’t bring yourself to buy because they aren’t fun. So you put it off and hope someone gets it for you, eventually. A power bank is just that. Even if you’re that person at a bar who asks the bartender if they can plug your phone in somewhere by the bitters, spending money on a power bank is kind of a bummer. That said, the Anker Powercore II 20000 is one of the best according to all those articles that compare items to one another and it will most definitely become a bag staple--the life of a smartphone battery will pretty much guarantee that, especially at - 30°C.





Frank And Oak Colour Blocked Ribbed Cotton Socks 



‘Tis the season of potlucks and home-hangs, which means it’s also probably the season when we are seen the most by strangers in our socks. Not only is a nice pair of socks a thoughtful gift, you are also giving the gift of a classic conversation starter.





Hibi Japanese Cypress Incense Large Match Box



The gift of incense is always fun in theory, but it gets tricky. Scents are usually very personal, not to mention the feat of finding the right type of stick to fit the holder (cored or coreless, cone or coil), because who remembers which person has which incense holder, really? Enter Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma. This little box of match-like sticks comes with its own small burning mat. Each stick provides the room with a 10-minute burst of soothing Japanese Cypress that isn’t overpowering in the slightest and equally soothing to contemplate.





Jade Roller 



People are still battling it out over the true benefits of the jade roller, but the one undisputed fact is that they are soothing and very enjoyable, especially when popped in the freezer for a bit. They also do increase blood circulation and alleviate puffiness. Skeptic or not, this makes a very pleasant addition to anyone’s self-care routine.






Frank And Oak Woven Tartan Scarf



What’s great about tartan is, aside from being timeless, its multicoloured charm pairs well with a variety hues. Meaning you don’t have to wrack your brain wondering if a favourite coat is black or navy or a very dark charcoal, this will work with all of the above.





Kishu Binchotan Charcoal 



If there’s a special environmentally-conscious someone in your life that cringes at the sight of a Brita filter being tossed out, they’re going to be very impressed with this proverbial lump of coal in their stocking. Not only do these charcoal sticks look elegant on their own, they can be placed in any beautiful carafe of your choosing to purify water, meaning you are no longer chained to that clunky plastic water pitcher. After three months, they can be broken up and added to plant soil. And even if you’re already sold on the idea at this point, there’s more--they work great to get rid of unpleasant odours in bathrooms or musty closets.






Nike ACG Packable Duffle 



Going to the gym regularly demands a lot of willpower for many people and sometimes, when that willpower is waning, it’s the little things that keep us going, such as a really nice duffle bag. The kind of bag you see chilling by the door, looking all light and bright, making you just want to pick it up and by then you’re already next to the door anyway, so may as well go out and get it!






Smitten Kitchen Cookbook 



Deb Perelman is a mastermind and we challenge you to find a recipe of hers that isn’t just the ultimate palate pleaser. See for yourself, some of her recipes are available on her website for free if you want to give them a test run. Her cookbook is the kind you can open at a random page and whatever you land on will be a sure thing, no more agonizing over what to make for dinner.  






The North Face Thermoball Mules 



Meet The North Face Thermoball Mules: slippers with a hard sole, so you can walk straight from your bedroom to the corner store without skipping a beat or looking like a deadbeat. They’ll probably even get compliments.






Frank And Oak Mockneck



Mocknecks and turtlenecks are to layering what butter is to food, it’s not necessary, but it adds levels of depth to just about anything. Replace flavour with style and you’ll have the recipient of this gift looking like a snack.





W&P Porter Ceramic Lunch Bowl



A common New Year’s resolution is “I’m going to bring lunch to work, eat out less”. And once again, incentive is kind of key here too. If people had a really sleek container to put that kale salad in, maybe they wouldn’t give up on making it after a month. Because let’s face it, tupperware is depressing. This ceramic bowl, on the other hand, sexy AF.





Dr. Jart Face Mask 



The way this mask feels as soon as you put it on, benefits aside, is so. damn. relaxing. Definitely a treat, no question. Plus it does leave your skin looking real nice. Maybe grab one for yourself while you’re at it. Win-win.






Frank And Oak Boy Tee



Everyone needs tees always and our Boy Tee covers all the bases. It falls nicely when worn solo and also works great as a base layer for sweaters, etc. because it’s good to be extra cozy. This tee is also part of our Minimal collection that uses organic cotton.





Symbolic adoption of an animal via the World Wildlife Fund 



The World Wildlife Fund has a really sweet program where you can symbolically adopt an animal from their list of species and they’ll send you a nice certificate and, depending on how much you donate, they’ll also send you a plush toy version of that animal. The proceeds go to supporting the WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and habitats. Say you know someone who really loves elephants, for example, and they pull out this out of their stocking, we’re willing to wager their eyes will turn into a couple of saucers.




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