Here's what to put in his stocking this year
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Stocking stuffers for him

Here's what to put in his stocking this year

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Stocking stuffers are the smaller gifts that can be compared to appetizers before the main course. You don’t want to put someone off their appetite. Sure it’s the thought that counts, but here’s a list full of ideas from around the internet (and our own site) so you can make it thoughtful instead of just a thought.




Red Dead Redemption 2


Know someone who has a lot of time off during the holidays and not sure how to spend it? If they haven’t already snatched it up, we suggest Red Dead Redemption 2. It will burn right through all that time. Probably one of the most anticipated games in a minute, and with reason, it’s as fun to watch as it is to play, so the only fights likely to break out will be on screen.






Jason Markk Premium Moso Freshener Shoe Inserts


Masking scents with other scents can sometimes lead to an unsavoury cocktail of unpleasant aromas. If the whole point is to get rid of the unwanted odour, why not find something that does just that? The shoe-care g.o.a.t. Jason Markk made these premium all-natural shoe inserts filled with Moso Bamboo Charcoal that neutralizes odours, bacteria and mould, among other nasties, so you’re truly slipping into fresh kicks every time.






Frank And Oak Classic Leather Belt



Though often underrated, a belt says a lot about a person. Just by looking at someone’s belt, you know if they like da club or el rancho. What we’re trying to say is it’s a good idea to get a tasteful belt (at least one). Our Classic Leather Belt with its rounded buckle and contrast stitching won’t give too much away but may leave people wanting to know more.





Matty Matheson: A Cookbook


Not only is Matty Matheson a great chef, but he’s also a joy to watch. We're big fans of his Vice show where his manic energy is sure to have you crack a smile while also learning to make delicious comfort food. His recipes are relatively simple in execution and the results have a comforting homemade depth and mouthfeel that will impress ma, pa, your date, or anyone you have over for a meal really.






Tile Slim - Phone Finder, Wallet Finder, Item Finder


Everyone knows someone who takes twice the amount of time it should to get out the door because they’ve misplaced something. Someone out there has heard your collective sighs and come up with Tile—a discreet solution you simply slide into your perpetually elusive wallet, phone, or attach to your keys, etc. and locate with an app.






Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star ‘70


Not your average cons. No, this is the Chuck Taylor All-Star ‘70. The difference is immediately noticeable to anyone with eyes. The silhouette is more structured than the regular Chuck Taylor, the toe more streamlined and sleek in a glossy off-white, and the footbed has more cushioning. Not only does this shoe go with pretty much anything, it’ll get really help you get a fit off.





Frank And Oak Retro Toque



We understand that committing to an ostentatiously bright coat might be a big ask. That said, winters and dark and cold enough without trying to match the vibe. It’s always encouraged to combat the winter blues with even just a pop of colour. In our humble opinion, a bright toque is a pretty good way to stick it to winter.





Frank And Oak Waffle Stick Henley Crewneck


When a garment has one of breakfasts’ most satisfying options in its name, you know it’s gonna be levels of coziness. This is the ultimate base-layer, anything you throw on top of it—from denim jackets to blazers—will look as sweet as warm maple syrup — the real stuff.





Wise Shampoo



If you’re the kind of person who cares about what goes into your body, you should care just as much about what goes onto it. The fact that most drugstore-bought soaps, shampoos and conditioners are essentially trash for your skin and hair isn’t really an eyebrow-raiser anymore. Which is why alternatives are easier to come by than ever. Not only does Wise go to great lengths to source the best quality ingredients for their products, but they take equally great measures to ensure their carbon footprint is as insignificant as possible. This shampoo bottle, for instance, is as handsome as it is eco-friendly, with refills available for purchase once you run out. Watching the wooden lid develop its own unique patina over time and use is a plus.






Hasami Porcelain 13 oz. mug


Imagine a mug that, once pressed to your lips, didn’t have a harsh cold glass-like feel, but instead, felt warm, textured, almost like drinking out of a sweater (minus the loose bits of fibre). Hasami Porcelain makes vessels that compliment whatever it is they hold, making the moment of transition between vessel to mouth pleasurable. We’re willing to bet a lot of you have never given this moment much consideration, just you wait.






Arc'teryx Waistpack 


This hip pack is pretty self-explanatory: it’s lightweight, very compact, and great for travel or for taking on long runs and bike rides. Not mentioned in the name—but just as notable—it really gets a fit off.






Frank And Oak Wool-Blend Windowpane Scarf



This beaut could be best described as “a touch of rustic”. Perfect for the city dweller who left his heart in the woods or the woodsman who already has just about everything else in buffalo check.





Bookman Urban Visibility Eclipse Wearable Light


In most parts, this time of year equates with very little daylight. Which means we’re living our lives out in the dark most of the time. For a lot of active people, this means gearing up to be seen. This wearable light from Bookman is genius because you don’t need to be decked out in 3M (though we very much co-sign by that look), you can just clip it onto anything and go get it done. We see you.






Frank And Oak Machine-Washable Merino Crewneck


Practicality is a popular factor when deliberating gift options and a Merino Sweater you can throw in the wash is as practical as it gets. You want the person to get some wear out of it and not have it sit, neatly folded, at the bottom of a cedar-lined drawer because the idea of schlepping to the cleaners takes the fun out of the wear.





Le Pen Drawing Pen Set


Sitting (or standing) at your desk, no matter where it may be is trying at times. Having little things to take pleasure in, such as a nice set of pens for colourful annotations or doodling during a meeting, helps to alleviate dread.






Organic Good Cotton Vintage Fleece Hoodie



Give the gift of effortless style with a low impact on the environment and a big impact on comfort. Our Organic Good Cotton Vintage Fleece Hoodie has that lived-in feel and is made with 80% organic cotton. Sustainability isn’t a trend, buying into it is win-win.


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