Master of the urban climate—smart-layering outerwear 
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Rain or shine, transitional layers made for city living

Master of the urban climate—smart-layering outerwear 

Words— Thomas Lafontaine

Do you ever dream of moving to the beach, but love your painfully cold city a little too much to leave? Whether you wound up here unexpectedly or willingly chose this as your home, Canada is inevitably cold for most of the seasonal year. Excluding the fleeting warm and beautiful moments, I’ll often find myself shopping for winter jackets or extra layers all year round—how sad is that? However, I take no shame in buying the high functioning outerwear, simply in anticipation for a bone-chilling walk to work or timidly going out for drinks on a rainy evening, and everywhere in between. The everywhere in between is what causes problems, such as changing temperatures resulting in overheating or being underdressed—both are sure to dampen one’s mood.


If you find yourself walking your dog at the local park, fighting the sauna-like heat of public transportation or waiting in-line at a bus stop in high-winds, controlling your body temperature with the smart-layering system is designed with a focus on sustainable innovation and made for Canada’s fluctuating elements. I for one, have endured our cooler fall-weather and eventful winters with a realization—embrace them with open arms and dress smart. 


The layering system is manufactured with recycled materials, stressing the importance of sustainability in the clothing industry and the part it plays in climate change. To simplify our lives as season-adapting Canadians, the transitional outerwear layers are customizable and can be worn individually or paired together—keeping you a step ahead of the elements.




Skyline bomber & vest


The Thermal base layers—an essential for a fall ensemble and more importantly, can functionally be layered with the parka or wool topcoat with ease. For someone who constantly finds themselves overheating, the vest will be your new best friend. With a selection of colour tones, the bomber is a distinctive look that is sure to receive some ‘double-takes’ when you’re out walking the dog or on your way to the café. 


Triple Torrent parka 


Picture this—you're waiting for the bus and an immediate downpour starts. It happens and when it does, here’s your solution. Weather whatever comes at you in the Triple Torrent Parka. This is a fully waterproof and wind-stopping jacket that showcases some extremely impressive eco-innovations with a sleek presentation. 




Recycled wool jacket


A contemporary fellow with timeless character—behold a dapper wool topcoat that combines heritage design with sustainable technologies.  Effortlessly layer this piece with the bomber for added warmth and a classy presentation. For the ladies and gentlemen, owning a topcoat is essential for the colder days to come and oh because we’re in Canada, you’ll get to rock it most of the year, with most outfits. 

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