Our favourite V-Day gift ideas for her
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Top Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

Our favourite V-Day gift ideas for her

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Although we know you already make the special woman in your life feel unparalleled on a daily basis, it’s that day of the year when a little something extra is appreciated. Actions may speak louder than words, but we believe gifts also have the ability to speak volumes about your affections. Here are a few ideas and potential sentiments they could convey.





Kathleen Whitaker Single Gold Small Sequin Stud Earring


Don’t let the size of this 14k gold stud earring fool you. Because it’s so discreet, when the light catches it, it catches the eye immediately, as sequins do. Often paired with other earrings in varying sizes, it is sold as a single piece--though two may be purchased at one time if a pair is desired. “I found the smallest piece of jewelry possible because your beauty is so radiant, I wouldn’t want to stifle it.”






Style Plan by Frank And Oak


Does she need some help figuring out what to wear? The Frank And Oak Style Plan is a monthly clothing subscription service that works with her to ensure every single item will suit her taste and personal style. She’ll be able to preview her box before it ships and return any items that don’t suit her style perfectly. Consider this the gift that keeps on giving.






Pursoma Bain de Pied Recovery Foot Soak 


This winter has not been kind, and we’re far from being out of the woods. Making it through to April unscathed is going to require some hardcore home-spa days. Hands are often the priority this time of year--they’re more easily exposed to the elements, they crack, they hurt, they’re unseemly if remained untreated. Feet are too frequently overlooked and dealt with only when the promise of exposed toes is nigh, but ain’t right! Think about it, even with three pairs of socks on, our feet still crack. The hell we put them through for five to six months out of the year is well deserving of at least a Pursoma Bain de Pied Foot Soak from time to time. Her frozen toes will be grateful. “A little 2 oz packet to encourage that self-care habit.”






Organic Cotton "Boy" T-Shirt 


The cool thing about a heather grey tee isn’t only that it’s the physical embodiment of comfort, but that you can, on occasion, throw it into a dressier mix to make things a little more interesting. Such as layering it under a blazer. We see it as one of those closet staples you wonder how you ever lived without. “What may seem like an ordinary grey t-shirt is, in fact, a magic trick. All you have to do is put it on and it becomes extraordinary. Wait, that has nothing to do with the shirt, that’s just you.”






Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck 


Tarot is gaining widespread popularity, with its symbolism seeping into fashion and pop culture. There are even new “ minimalist contemporary” card decks hitting shops, marketed to those wanting to venture into the realm, but may feel intimidated. But whether you’ve got a seasoned expert or novice on your hands, a tarot deck is about feeling, having a connection with the cards. Going the minimalist route may be cute, but it’s hard to connect with something when there isn’t much there, to begin with. The Rider-Waite tarot deck, on the other hand, has been around since the early 1900s and remains one of the most popular decks today. “No matter the hand you’re dealt, I’m in your corner”.






Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF - Graphite


Remember the proper square polaroid pictures? The ones in those albums your mom pulls out to show your girlfriend what you looked like taking a bath at age three. Subject matter aside, you have to admit there’s something incredibly charming about a polaroid photo. Sure, it’s been a minute since Fujifilm came out with their own instant film cameras, but the format just isn’t the same. Ever since the Impossible Project took the reigns, Polaroid is back where it belongs--readily accessible, not just for parents, but for those who appreciate the romance of the medium. “To help keep all the memories you’re going make.”






Fuzzy Bouclé Crewneck - $40 CAD


Picking something out for your lady because you like the way it feels is definitely one way of shopping. We guarantee you’ll both dig the feel of our Fuzzy Bouclé Crewneck. Plus it’s loose-fitting and therefore extra cosy, perfect for hibernating or stepping out for provisions. “Warning: may provoke excessive hugging on my part.”






Missoni Virginio Hand Towel


Hanging art in the bathroom is a nice move. Hanging towels in the bathroom that may as well be art is a power move. The Missoni Virginio hand towel is that kinda towel. Beautifully deep colours and rich textures make this masterpiece a pleasure for the eyes and skin--pampering at its most refined. “A towel worthy of the hands.”  






Diptyque - Feu de Bois/Wood Fire Scented Candle -


Fun fact: the city of Montreal passed a new bylaw on fireplaces this year, banning their use completely unless they comply with the strict new emissions standards. Even if this isn’t the case where you live, the future is coming and it’s eco-conscious (finally). Diptyque's Feu de Bois candle may not deliver as impressive an atmosphere as a real fire, but it does set a vibey mood and arguably provides an even more decadent aroma than its namesake. “A little fire for a massive smokeshow.”






Ikebana Vase Designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen


In a parallel universe where Marie Kondo was a florist instead of an organizing consultant, we’re almost positive she’d be into Ikebana--the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. It’s a very focused practice. Instead of elaborately dense groupings, you have thoughtfully airy arrangements that at times resemble more delicate sculptures than bouquets. For those that cannot devote the time to attend one of the many schools dedicated to Ikebana, Jaime Hayon designed a vase making the practice a little more accessible for those interested in trying their hand at it. The process of making one’s own arrangement has even been described as meditative. “So you know I’m into the flower-gifting for the long haul.”




Cropped Denim Jacket


If she’s constantly borrowing your denim jacket under the pretext that she likes the loose fit, maybe take the hint and pick one up for her. Our Cropped Denim Jacket is made boxy for an oversized look and cropped for a slight feminine touch. The Roan Rouge is an earthy red, so while adding some heat, it’ll go with more of her fits that you’d think. “You can still borrow mine, but I just want you to have options.”






Catbird Jewelry Dewdrop Ring 


A ring, especially on Valentine’s Day, always seems to be thought of as a loaded gift--it can be if you want it to, but it doesn’t have to either, it’s all about intention. The Dewdrop Ring by Brooklyn-based studio Catbird is beautiful, yet subtle enough that it leaves room for your intention to shine. Whether it’s simply a token of your affections or a promise of forever. “At once soft and sharp, as brilliant as you are unique, you are both diamond and pearl.”






Aesop Breathless (Hydrating Body Treatment)


Many massage oils out there turn the cheese-factor up to a ten with their branding and when it comes to texture, you may as well be rubbing your partner down with pure castor oil. Breathless by Aesop has the class and quality of a Jean-Luc Godard film and will, therefore, sit nicely on the nightstand as a permanent fixture, encouraging frequent use. “Netflix and massage?”






Design House Stockholm Knot Cushion in Light Grey


Is it a pillow? Is it an objet d’art? Much like the Missoni towel, it’s both. Toss it anywhere and that area instantly becomes Dezeen-ready. One of our favourite features is how you can slide your arms through it AND rest your head. Getting her this pillow is our generation’s equivalent of winning her the jumbo Snoopy at the fair. “I found you something that’s both easy on the eyes and possibly more comfortable than I, but I’ll try not to be envious because your comfort is that important to me.”






Cotton-Modal Long-Sleeve Striped Mockneck - Ginger


Seaside vibes in the dead of winter? Yes, please. The mockneck makes this piece a premium layering option, adding a pop of warmth to anything she throws overtop. Made of 38% modal, a biodegradable fibre derived from beech trees, it helps keep beaches free. “C'est le temps de l'amour, le temps des copains et de l'aventure.






The Palace Chelsea Boot in Black


We’re going to cut to the chase here, our Palace Chelsea Boot goes with absolutely anything--bootleg jeans, floral dresses, corduroy skirts, pantsuits, sequined gowns--anything. AND they’re made in Portugal's oldest footwear factory (est. 1935). Find a bigger no-brainer, we’ll wait. “From entrepreneur to dancer, to foodie, to traveller, here’s something that’ll compliment you no matter the hat you’re wearing.”



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