Our favourite V-Day gift ideas for him
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Top Valentine's Day gift ideas for him

Our favourite V-Day gift ideas for him

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Let’s be real here, Valentine’s Day has become a little extra as of late. The overabundance of all things sweet coupled with the incessant visual assault of the tri-colour combo red, pink and white, for instance. No wonder a lot of men are put off by it. What if we just broke in down like this: You’ve got a man in your life who means a lot to you. We’re already a month and a half into the new year. What does he need or what could you surprise him with that would give him some good vibes? You know, right when that new year, new me adrenaline starts to wear off and the self-doubt creeps in (hey, we’ve all been there). Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that are less Valentine’s Day and more “I’m in your corner, we got this”.





Craft Design Technology Large Stationery Set


From office-office to home-office to cafe-office, it’s nice to have a compact set of tools he can just mindlessly grab and be on his way. There’s enough to think about without checking off everything he needs before he steps out of the house. This stationery set from Japanese design virtuoso Craft Design Technology includes a mechanical pencil with pencil refill, post-it pads, an eraser, two black gel pens, a stapler, and a glue stick--because although he may think he probably doesn’t need a glue stick, that one time he does… cue Sean Paul.






Courant Catch 1 Wireless Charger 


What’s smoother—bending over to reach the back of the dresser where his charging cable slipped the last time he unplugged his phone or simply tossing his phone onto a charging dock? Wanna know what else is smooth? The pebble-grain Italian leather surface of the Courant Catch 1 wireless charger. It’s essentially tech meets #menswear. Give the gift of all-around smooth this Valentine’s Day.






Recycled Polyester Blend Tartan Shirt - Purple and Blue


Although purple might not be the first colour you gravitate towards when picking out a new shirt for your guy, that’s exactly why you should go for it. No one has ever gotten anywhere by staying in their comfort zone. Our Recycled Polyester Blend Tartan Shirt is still relatively low-key, but have him layer it over a tee and watch him get that fit off in a big way. From Prince to Mister Mort, purple is a much-valued hue for men with Style.






FIFA 19 


For the times he just needs to blow off some steam, look no further than FIFA 19. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of scoring goals, especially if the ones IRL are taking a little more time to hit than anticipated. Bring home the Champions League title and everything else will seem like small potatoes.






Denim "Dad" Cap - Indigo 


A “dad cap” is essentially any cap with a low, ergonomic silhouette and streamlined brim. They are simple, flattering on just about anyone, and really add that extra level to a fit. We’ve made a denim version that can be both understated and distinctive depending on the day. Throw it in the mix and see where he takes it.






Essential Kit MALIN+GOETZ 


Does he travel much? Small details we often overlook can sometimes be the difference between a good trip and a great one. Proper toiletries is one of them. Sure, he can use the hotel stuff, but throw the Essential Kit from MALIN+GOETZ in his carry-on and everything from his skin to his hair will feel premium fresh, leaving him invigorated and ready to tackle those two fourteen-hour flights.  






Kitchen Confidential: Insider's Edition - Anthony Bourdain 


Originally published nearly twenty years ago, the beloved Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential has become a classic food memoir for many. Though in later years he was most known for his shows No Reservations and Parts Unknown, to not enjoy his gift of story-telling in its most intimate form--the written word--would be devastating. Even if someone was completely oblivious to Tony’s existence, if they appreciate food, they’ll appreciate this book. And if that is truly the case, you’d be doing them a massive service.






Polar Fleece Pullover - Navy and Turquoise


If you think man’s affections for fleece is bound to die down eventually, think again. Fleece is just getting started, baby. They can’t make enough things from this most excellent fabric. We’re not saying you need to go all in and pick him up a full fleece tracksuit, fleece waist bag and fleece cap--yet. But our Polar Fleece Pullover is a good place to start and it's made from 100% recycled polyester too, so you can fleece at peace.






Comme des Garçons Wallet


This Comme des Garçons wallet might just be the best wallet in its range. The size is perfect, quite compact, yet spacious. In terms of shape, the rounded edge gives the wallet itself some edge. And although it comes in many colours and patterns, black is classic and the colour is said to attract wealth. While we’re on the topic of superstitions, fun fact, when gifting a wallet, it’s always good form to slip some money in it (could be a dollar) for luck, to ensure the wallet will never be empty.






Kaleido Tray, X-Small Designed
by Clara von Zweigbergk for HAY
+ Kaleido Tray, Small


Help him keep the things he needs every day all in one place with this enticing tray set from HAY. How could anyone not want to place their wallet in one and keys in the other? It’s art by way of being organized. OK, we’re done.







MOMA Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


Candles aren’t everyone’s vibe, incense even less so. What’s the answer for a guy that wants his space smelling like a Hinoki forest, but isn’t a fan of either? Japan’s household and just about everything powerhouse MUJI made the kind of low-key diffuser he’ll want to stare at, let alone smell. Seriously, scents aside, just the sight of that little glowing box vaping away is soothing. And any essential oils will do.






3-Pack Tropical Naturals Dudu-Osun


A lot of guys like a good ol’ bar of soap in the shower. It’s simple, it does the job--what’s not to like? So here’s the bar of soap to end all bars of soap. From Nigeria, Dudu-Osun is an African black soap made the traditional way with no artificial colours, no preservatives and is biodegradable. The testimonies that boast the benefits from using it are countless. It helps clear acne-prone skin, eczema, dermatitis, helps soothe insect bites, frostbite and skin allergies, the list goes on. As if that weren’t enough, it’ll leave his entire bathroom smelling blissfully good.






Bialetti mini express 2-cup stovetop percolator


Sometimes he needs coffee for two, not five, not one and a half--just two. A quick shot of espresso to hold you both over till you make it to the restaurant where you’ll probably have more. The Bialetti Mini Express 2-Cup Stovetop Percolator is fast, compact, and always gives two perfect, equal cups of espresso. If he doesn’t already have espresso cups, the classic brown will give the whole experience that old-school vibe. Drink standing up in the kitchen with your coats on and you’re practically in Italy.







Striped Jacquard Henley Tee


So you can’t take him to St. Moritz this year, bring St. Moritz to him by way of our Jacquard Henley Tee with cheeky retro ski stripes. Trek around the city in a snowstorm and retire to a mug of hot cocoa. It’s the next best thing, truly.






Cyclone Packable Puffer with Recycled Thinsulate™ 


These days, if a jacket is packable, it’s so much more than a plus. Think about it, you can ditch the travel pillow because you just killed that bird with your jacket that turns into, not a stone, but a proper pillow, except no birds were actually killed because our Cyclone Packable Puffer is made with recycled Thinsulate™. We love birds. He’ll love this jacket.






Style Plan by Frank And Oak gift card


Does he need a bit of help in the style department? Frank And Oak Style Plan is our monthly clothing subscription service that works with him to ensure every single item will suit his taste and personal style. He'll be able to preview her box before it ships and return any items that don’t suit her style perfectly. It's basically the gift that keeps on giving. 



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