Helping you guys crack the tricky jeans-shoes dynamic
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How to wear men's jeans with shoes

Helping you guys crack the tricky jeans-shoes dynamic

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Jeans. So simple. But then–what shoes do you wear with them? Can you wear a chunky shoe with a skinny jean? A sleek shoe with a wide jean? Do you cuff them? Stack them? Oh so many options and questions. 


Here we've taken our brand new denim collection and paired it with different styles of kicks in an attempt to crack the code.  



Black and yellow black and yellow




We're big fans of faded denim, but not just the blue variety. While jet-black jeans are an absolute essential that goes with everything, our faded-black slim-fit Dylan jeans are rugged yet relaxed with a straight leg that's as effortless as the colour (which, if we're being honest is probably more grey than black). It's all just more of a laidback statement–yet no less stylish. Wear them with boots, all black minimal sneakers, or, as we've done above–a pair of bright yellow slip-on Vans to keep the punk rock vibe alive.





Straight stacks




Leaving your jeans to hang and "stack" has been thought of as lazy or sloppy in the past, but a stacked jean can be a real style power move in 2018. It looks best on something slim. We've opted to pair our Miles Straight-Fit jeans with a cool, clean pair of black Nike sneakers. Notice they are wide enough that they don't tuck into the entire shoe like, a pair of tapered jeans or joggers would, but the front is tucked back just enough to shoe off the sneaker. Not into sneakers, you can stack your jeans with a slim pair of suede Chelsea boots.



Tapered and tucked




Just because you're wearing a skinny (The Tyler) or a tapered (The Iggy) jean, doesn't mean you have to go with a slim, minimal sneaker or shoe. Play with the contrast! Teamed with a pair of chunky hiking boots, your tapered jeans will tuck perfectly inside.  



On the cuff




A lot of guys think about the double cuff when they cuff their pants or jeans. These days, we find the double roll to be a bit much. And if you're cuffing them more than twice it will start to look awkward with an unflattering shape. On the other hand, a quick half-roll as seen above is incredibly relaxed and effortless. Spend a second to mess around with it until it has the perfect amount of I-don't-care panache to it (yes we are aware of the irony). Whatever style you find yourself gravitating towards, take your jeans to your tailor and tell them how you want to wear them. Your tailor will measure it out so that they fall at the perfect length. 


We've paired our faded, skinny-fit Tyler jeans with a chunkier black sneaker. The cuff helps the two blend together in an appealing way.




The Dylan Slim-Stretch Jean in Indigo, The Gordon Athletic-Stretch Denim in Black, The Dylan Slim-Stretch Jean in Black

Photography: Celia Spenard-Ko

Styling: Antonina Kallaur

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