How to dress for chill mornings and warm afternoons
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It's time for transitional outerwear!

How to dress for chill mornings and warm afternoons

Words— Mylène Genty

It’s that awkward phase when you wake up and it’s chill. Coming lunchtime, it’s sweaty hot. Even though we’re accustomed to it, the confusion remains every year as the calendar hits September 1st.


While this situation is far from being dramatic, but there’s something sad in the idea of being wrongly dressed for the weather: the discomfort is real. We do believe though that this is the best time of the year to get dressed. It invites a challenge. We’re not the only one in this camp: September has irrevocably been called the most fashionable month of the year. 


One of your best asset for this transitional period is a piece that is, by definition, a master key. The jacket. Once you find your fit, you’ll never have trouble dressing up until fall finally hits. Here’s how to make the most out of this simple, essential transitional piece.  

The Bomber



Playing with contrasts


Aiming for a chic look? Playing with opposite aesthetics is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t have to be exuberant: a simple pair of neutral trousers will have its appeal enhanced by putting on a casual bomber jacket. 



The Vest



Mixing the old with the new 


Summer doesn’t end until September 23rd. Heatwaves might be behind us, but surely, most of your summer pieces can still be of use. The trick? Good old layering. That long-sleeve tee or shirt can now be upgraded by being worn underneath a vest. Matching colouring goes without saying - this season try pairing earth tones altogether like dark green, brown, or beige. You can never go wrong. 



Long Jacket



Put textures in the mix


Sweater weather is upon us - so this period is perfect to start introducing new fabrics into your daily selection. A long wool jacket is a sound choice for your late evenings, and if the occasion is more dressy than casual, you’ll fit right in. For a mysterious and imposing look, opt for dark hues and a turtleneck.



The Parka



Mixing utilitary and style


The parka is the all you can do jacket. It’s an outerwear piece, meaning it’ll support you in pretty much all types of bad weather (case in point: it’s the cyclist’s best friend.) It’s sporty but sleek and it’ll do anything you want it to do. Pair with your favourite pair of pants and a buttoned shirt and you’ll be all set for any casual setting. 

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