How to stay warm and look cool this winter
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These stylish coats will have you begging for cold weather

How to stay warm and look cool this winter

Words— Frank And Oak staff

The dark cold days of winter are nearly here. That means big puffer coats, hefty knit and a lot of layers. Great for staying warm but not the best for staying stylish. Well not so fast....


It doesn’t have to be this bleak! Mix in some stylish big coats, the right pops of colour via warming accessories, some expert layering and the darkest of days can be brought to life. 


We’re not saying to cancel your order of Vitamin D, but the right outerwear might just brighten your winter.



Be on red alert




The Explorer Winter Puffer Jacket with 3M™ Thinsulate™ - Red


Bright colours are not just for summer. When it's cold and dark every day, you'll be happy to have some colour to help you and everybody who encounters you break out of the black and grey doldrums. Warm enough for when it really gets cold but looks amazing worn open with jeans and a ball cap.  With featherless 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation, it's great for long periods outdoors but light and easy enough for winter-time expeditions to the depanneur/bodega/corner store for snacks and drinks. It also packs into a pillow, so definitely bring it on road trips when you make your friends do all the driving.  



Bring Hygge outside with you




The Hygge Oversized Cocoon Coat with 3M™ Thinsulate - Black


Hygge is, as the New York Times so aptly describes it, "the Danish word for cozy. It is also a national manifesto, nay, an obsession expressed in the constant pursuit of homespun pleasures." Our aptly named Hygge Parka is designed with the constant pursuit of being warm and cozy. And just because it's a big coat with not much in the way of shape doesn't mean it doesn't have style. There's tons of room under there for a hoodie, a turtleneck and all kinds of layers to keep you warm. 


Looking for a similar vibe but for men? Our Metro Mid Parka is the way to go. Cropped short it's ideal for urban commutes. 



Conquer winter in a military-inspired coat




The Alpine Fishtail Parka with Recycled 3M™ Thinsulate™ - Dark Olive


Our Alpine Fishtail Parka is based on the original M-51 jacket first used in 1951 by American troops to protect them from the elements – a style move we can definitely support.  While you might think of the tail as just a fashion accoutrement, its original function was to be tied around the wearer’s legs to protect from wind gusts.


Like most garments that originated from the military it was designed for practical uses, but after the Korean War, the jackets made their way to thrift shops and it became a staple of 60s mod rockers in the UK who wore them as they cruised through the streets of London on their scooters.  


It's a bit too cold around these parts for scooters now but it's a good look all the same. Wear yours with a contrasting sweater and a handsome scarf.



Get tonal




One way to maintain and eye-catching look through winter is to keep things tonal. A brick coloured fishtail parka, a with a vibrant fuschia scarf and an earth-toned Fair Isle sweater. Slightly varied shades in the same colour and a variety of textures make for a unique yet effortless statement.



Still not sure what you're looking for, hit our Outerwear sections for men and women to see more super serious outerwear. 


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