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Short Sleeve Casual Shirts

It's time we debunk the myth that short sleeve shirts can only be worn by accountants and NASA rocket scientists. Times have changed since these shirts were mandatory in the boyscouts, and so has the style. Like most of our regular shirting, the short sleeve version has a slim fit; a major upgrade from the billowing model of Short Sleeves-Past. These shirts are mostly seasonal, so we don't shy away from the seasonally appropriate print or fabric – something botanical and lightweight, for example. Words of style advice: paired with chinos, a short sleeve shirt will give you a preppy but unexpected edge. Or for something more carefree, dress it down with your favourite jeans or jean-shorts. One last thing: a little roll of the sleeve never hurt anyone. Trust us.

Long Sleeve Casual Shirts

Casual is one of those terms that everyone throws around, but can't agree on a definition. This can sometimes make understanding the dress code a problem. We design our casual shirts with ease and adaptability in mind, so they can be just on the cusp of dressy enough, if need be – our Oxford shirts are a great example. They're mostly slim fitting, which means a standard fitted body shape and regular body length,to stay with the times and keep you looking fresh. Offered in a wide array of styles,colours, and fabrics, it's worth keeping an eye out for our eclectic monthly prints and patterns – always one step ahead of the seasons to come.

Dress Shirts

Dressy doesn't have to mean stiff or pretentious, at least not for us it doesn't. When you want – or have – to dress to impress, the last thing you want to feel is boxed in, rigid, or uncomfortable. Formalwear should boost your confidence and make you feel like you own the place. And if you do? Even better. Dress shirts should fit like a second skin, but not be skin tight. They're meant to be worn with suits or with a smart sweater, and it's with our expert tailoring in mind that we've designed these shirts. One would be remiss if they didn't complement our shirts with our famous Laurier suiting.