• Opportunity for Change

    For every order you make, Frank & Oak will make an investment that empowers entrepreneurs around the globe.

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  • Creating Possibilities

    For Li and thousands of others, access to education and mentorship led to successful entrepreneurship, and ultimately improved the quality of his and his family's life.

    Ethan’s father, Li

    Ethan's father, Li

    In 1990, 43% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. By 2010 that number had dropped to 21%.* The key drivers of poverty reduction in the developing world have been economic growth and increased income distribution. Indeed, the reduction in poverty over this 20-year period came as a result of intrepid entrepreneurs who started small businesses and created jobs in their communities.

    Our co-founder, Ethan, has witnessed this first hand. In the early 1980s, Ethan’s father Li was selected from thousands of students in his native China and given the opportunity to study abroad in Canada. Four years later, with a physics degree in hand, Li started a small technology company from scratch.

  • Orders for Opportunity

    Frank & Oak will make an investment for every order placed to empower entrepreneurs. Inspired by stories like Li's, and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the life changing importance the right opportunities can provide. With this in mind, our Orders for Opportunity program will invest through the following three-point approach:

    1. Education and Mentorship

    2. Microloans

    3. Marketplaces

  • 1. Education and Mentorship

    We’re partnering with Engineers Without Borders to provide mentorship and training to strengthen a new generation of African entrepreneurs and their nascent businesses.

    2. Microloans

    We’re starting our own lending fund through our friends at Kiva to provide loans to entrepreneurs around the globe. For small businesses in the developing world, a loan of just a few hundred dollars can help finance business initiatives, generate jobs and empower sustainable communities.

    3. Marketplaces

    In addition to microloans, we are committed to helping artisans and craftsmen grow their audiences and bring their products to right market.


    Our first partnership is with artisan Ricardo Hinojosa from Guadalajara, Mexico. Ricardo has benefited from a $3,500 loan through Kiva to purchase raw materials for his leather goods workshop.

    This workshop is the definition of a new kind of success. A creative self-starter, Ricardo has grown from an army of one to more than 20 employees. He now sells his handcrafted wallets, bags, and accessories around the globe.His dedication to craftsmanship ensures exceptional product quality. With the Internet providing access to an international marketplace, he is able to offer small-batch manufacturing while creating a sustainable, local business with global reach. For Ricardo, leatherworking is part of a rich Mexican tradition. The only way he believed he could uphold his high-quality standards was to maintain complete control over the production process. His workshop employs minimal machine processes and his team of artisans uses only locally-sourced leather and brass.