Damien Hirst: Relics

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A groundbreaking work, this catalog accompanies the largest exhibition ever realized on Damien Hirst, surveying the oeuvres of the highly acclaimed British artist. Tracing Hirst's career from his emergence on the art scene in the Young British Artists movement to his present status as one of the most controversial and highly regarded artists of his generation, this volume offers a complete overview on his wide-ranging practice, which includes installation, painting, sculpture, and drawing and challenges the boundaries between art, science, and popular culture. The catalog gathers over one hundred works, combining historic oeuvres with more recent projects: from The Kingdom to The History of Pain, from Pharmacy to For the Love of God, to the spot, spin, and butterfly paintings Hardcover. Written by Francesco Bonami, Abdellah Karroum, Michael Craig-Martin, and Nicholas Serota. Published by Skira. Books and magazines cannot be returned.
    Damien Hirst: RelicsDamien Hirst: RelicsDamien Hirst: Relics