Performance outerwear
made from recycled plastic

Striving for a sustainable future starts with the choices we make today. As the climate crisis deepens, we must rethink the way we consume and produce for the preservation of our planet and its natural systems.

Make this last means making durable winter outerwear with an extended lifespan, preventing resource depletion through the increased use of recycled materials, and focusing on high-performance features adapted for Canadian winters.


Our pledge—

Making our outerwear last—

Quality construction is crucial. By mixing durable materials and technical hard-wearing construction, we designed our outerwear with care and longevity in mind— ensuring each winter jacket stands the test of climate and time.

Making our resources last—

We are committed to eliminating the production of virgin plastic by repurposing existing resources into our supply chain. Each piece of outerwear is made with recycled polyester, sourced from discarded plastic bottles or used polyester garments.

Making every moment last—

Canadian winter is more than just a reality— it is part of our identity. We manufactured our outerwear to complement the northern lifestyle and climate allowing you to embrace the great outdoors without limitations.

Sustainable technologies

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