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The Capital parka— -30° C and below*

The Hygge puffer— -25° C to -10° C*

A cocoon coat that looks and feels like your duvet got a designer upgrade. The Hygge features an oversized hood to keep you snug and stylish.

The Mesa puffer— -25° C to -10° C*

Rewind a few years for a '90s version of the Hygge. Just as efficient, warm and stylish, the Mesa is the perfect antidote to winter-wardrobe boredom.

The Highland puffer— -25° C to -10° C*

Wrap up from head-to-toe in our extra-long Highland puffer that keeps you and your legs sheltered from the coldest weather.

The Alpine parka— -25° C to -10° C*

Perfect for city-dwellers looking to shelter from severe snow weather. Its enduring insulation and water-resistant shell trap heat, keeping you warm at all times.

The Nova polar parka— -30° C and below*

Our most advanced and heavy-duty parka made for the toughest winters. Designed to explore the coldest regions on Earth, every detail is dedicated to trapping body heat.