Make this last

Our most sustainable performance outerwear yet

We are what we wear, and what we wear impacts the planet. Our performance outerwear has been redesigned to become our most eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and affordable collection yet. Better performance, increased recycled materials, less virgin plastic, animal-free insulation, and hard-wearing construction technology combine to protect you from tough winters. Make This Last means not having to sacrifice sustainability over performance, and instead, following a greater path towards a kinder future for all living beings and the planet.

The Capital parka— -30° C and below*

The Alpine parka— -25° C to -10° C*

Perfect for city-dwellers looking to shelter from severe snow weather. Its enduring insulation and water-resistant shell trap heat, keeping you warm at all times.

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    The Hygge puffer— -25° C to -10° C*

    A cocoon coat that looks and feels like your duvet got a designer upgrade. The Hygge features an oversized hood to keep you snug and stylish.

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    The Mesa puffer— -25° C to -10° C*

    Rewind a few years for a '90s version of the Hygge. Just as efficient, warm and stylish, the Mesa is the perfect antidote to winter-wardrobe boredom.

    The Highland puffer— -25° C to -10° C*

    Wrap up from head-to-toe in our extra-long Highland puffer that keeps you and your legs sheltered from the coldest weather.

    The Nova polar parka— -30° C and below*

    Our most advanced and heavy-duty parka made for the toughest winters. Designed to explore the coldest regions on Earth, every detail is dedicated to trapping body heat.

    *Note: Warmth ratings are subject to environmental factors, individual warmth perception and layering underneath the outerwear.

    Kinder coats for you and the planet