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Outerwear technologies

DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

A coating applied to outerwear that helps rain and moisture bead up on the surface and disperse. A rating of 80/5, for example, means that the water-repellent coating will still be at 80% efficiency after 5 washes. The stringent eco-process employed is fluorocarbon-free and doesn’t use fluoropolymers.


This rating makes it easy to gauge how breathable and water-repellant a fabric is at a glance. The first number assesses how water resistant a material is expressed in millimetres of water per square inch of fabric—from the outside in. The second number indicates how breathable the fabric is, expressed in grams of vapour per square metre of fabric (from the inside out). So, a 20K/20K jacket can withstand 20,000 mm of water per square inch and is able to release 20,000 grams of vapour per square metre—the ideal mix for an active body.

Water repellency scale




Handles light to average rainfall for a short amount of time


Takes heavy, intense rain over a prolonged period.

Breathability scale




Great for driving and running errands without breaking a sweat


Ideal for activities like hiking and snowshoeing

Thermore® Insulation

A high-performance, animal-free, and 100% recycled alternative to down, made from post-consumer plastic bottles. Every coat and jacket insulated with Ecodown® allows for the recycling of up to 10 PET bottles.


A special weaving technique that reinforces materials (mainly nylon) so they resist tearing and ripping. During the weaving process, thicker reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a special crosshatch pattern, resulting in a material that’s both incredibly durable and prevents fraying when torn. You can find this fabric in everything from yacht sails to hot air balloons (for obvious reasons) as well as our high-performance outerwear.

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